Well, the Storms have subsided and the votes have been counted!

Whichever way you voted yesterday in the Referendum, this mornings outcome may have come as a bit of a shock and we now have a degree of uncertainty ahead of us. However the UK will remain part of the EU for another two years and business will continue as ‘normal’ during this time.

A bigger shock than the vote outcome is the drop in currency rates and the UK stock Markets! Hopefully this will be a short term reaction and fund managers are keeping us informed as to their stance and reactions. Hopefully this will be a short term reaction to the vote and the important thing is for investors not to panic and try to withdraw their money. I recommend that my clients sit tight and carry on as normal. History has always shown that the markets recover, it is just a question of how long it takes. I can’t really speculate on the length of time but hopefully this will be a short term adjustment and values will return to pre BREXIT levels fairly soon.

I will be keeping a close eye on everyones investments over the coming weeks but if anyone has individual questions or queries then by all means get in touch and I will be happy to talk them through with you.

All the best