Are You Caving in?

Well here we are in January 2016, this is my third year working being told by my marketing manager Wayne Collier has been nagging me to write a blog …. and more to the point…. then keep writing one!

So, it would seem that I have finally seen the light! or have I just caved in to the pressure?

I suppose the first question to myself was what should I write about? and do people really want to hear about Pensions? Life cover? and the content of the Autumn Statement? I thought long and hard about this and decided that the answer was YES but that the information needs to be relevant to them and has to interesting, so I will do my best.

Having read other peoples Blogs, I find it interesting to hear about what they are doing day to day and what they are involved in outside of work. With this in mind I will not only be talking about Financial Planning but some of the other things I get up to as well.

I thought that as this is my first blog I should tell you more about myself, I live and work in Braintree Essex and Visit the Hoskin head office in Maldon on average once a week. I have clients who are based over quite a wide spread area, so I often travel to Bishops Stortford, Stevenage, Harlow, Witham, Chelmsford and Colchester as well as Maldon and Braintree. I have been in the finance and insurance industry for 26 years now and have been qualified as a Financial Adviser for about 20 years, which includes a 3 year stint training financial advisers and for the last 8 years I have become a specialist in Commercial Financial advise along side Personal advising.

I have to tell you that this is a great job, I get to meet the most interesting and fascinating people and spend my days talking to them and helping them to make the most of their business and/or money. In addition to seeing clients I also go to networking meetings and here about other people and their businesses and get to access their expertise for the benefit of my clients. If you need and Accountant, Lawyer, Marketing expert, Printer, Graphic designer, Florist or Electrician I can recommend someone who I know will do the job well and wont let you down. In fact I am going to a Networking meeting later today for lunch with 20 other Ladies at WIBN (Women in business networking) Dunmow.

This evening I am really pleased to be attending a launch party for one of my clients, Little Lucy’s Bakery ( she makes THE BEST CAKES! Having worked from home for the last 3 years Lucy has built her business to such a level that her home kitchen can’t cope any more and she has just moved into her first industrial unit here in Braintree ….. congratulations Lucy and I wish you al the best for the future.

So, I have a busy day ahead and need to get on with it but before I do, I feel I should comment on the financial markets. Many of you will have seen that the markets have been falling recently, which is very much in their nature to do so, but time has always shown that they do recover and that it is just a question of time. If you are in any way worried about you investments than always talk to your adviser, we can talk through the risks to you as an individual and the options available to you.

Thanks you for reading and I look forward to Blogging again soon.

Claire Blake IFA Braintree, Essex